Why Choose Our Dating Site?

What We Are


What We Are Not

  • Exclusive, invitation-only community of professionals ready to meet singles outside of their immediate circles
  • Believers in the modern lady and modern gentleman. We welcome culture, benevolence & intellect
  • Recognize and embrace that men and women are different
  • All of Sparkology's men are verified graduates. That means that women don't have to put up with the barrage of messages from unqualified men while men reach out to women who value them. Higher response rate. More meaningful interactions. Evolved!
  • A truly innovative model whereby men use the Spark Pack virtual currency to initiate conversations eliminates the numbers game mentality. Women receive meaningful interactions from men who are genuinely interested, while men no longer need to spam dozens of profiles to get a response
  • Local concierges ensure a smooth transition from online to offline
  • Entire experience built from scratch based upon feedback from users like you. Features, pricing, and content like no other site
  • Honestly work hard to deliver the best dating experience ever. In the universe. Yes, really.
  • Not just another "me too" dating site. Why do other dating sites look and feel like those from 10 years ago?
  • Not for gold diggers and sugar daddies. It's about being serious about dating.
  • No more wasting time on undesirable candidates or unproven personality tests
  • Not a place for random hookups (if you're that desperate, go to the local dive bar at 2AM instead)
  • No fake profiles, stock photos, or hidden pricing to swindle you
  • Not a site where a majority of members are inactive/unqualified to message you back
  • Not a company that makes money by syndicating your profile, selling your profile, or worse!
  • Not just online. You're a human, not a computer