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Every day our inboxes get filled with emails from members. We hear all kinds of stories ranging from past dating terrors to accolades for executing our vision. Here are some of our favorites – it's emails like these that keep us going at 2:30 in the morning:

Recent Sparkology wedding
Nate and Tiffany had the most magical of weddings in Tortola - we wish them a lifetime of happiness together!
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Attorney from New York
Sparkology is my first and only online dating experience. I was persuaded to join by a male friend who went to NYU. The main reason I joined is because I found myself dating too many co-workers at my law firm-- not a good idea-- but I am here a lot and surrounded by lots of very bright, motivated and well educated men. I was drawn to your website because it performs a filtering process not all that different than what i was accomplishing by dating men at my lawfirm but allows me to branch out and avoid inevitable awkwardness at work. I think it is a great concept.
Director of Operations in New York
Thank You! After being on Sparkology for only a few weeks I actually met my dream guy on your site :) We started dating a few months ago and we can't really imagine life without each other! Thanks for starting this great community! And while my account is expiring I'm still telling everyone I know about your site - really a great model with great incentives!
Attorney from New York
She was extremely articulate, passionate, intelligent, and funny. I would love to go on another date with her.
Financial Event Planner from New York
This is going to sound cheesy, but thanks for what you do. Sparkology is so different from the other sites and I met this guy in my first week. I've been recommending to all of my single friends.. especially those burnt out on jdate.
Yale Graduate in New York
I like your website, by the way - much more manageable than the big players, and nice women. So, thanks for making online dating a little bit more enjoyable!
Luxury Sales Associate from New York
To start, Sparkology is the first online dating site I have used. I find the site/ system itself easy and comfortable to use. I don't feel like I was asked any intrusive questions and I really like how the profile allows you to be as open or as closed as you want. Although I do prefer to respond to guys that offer more than less as I would like to know a little bit about you and not play detective. I hope this feedback helps! Keep up the amazing work!
Successful Entrepreneur from New York
The search feature works well; it lacks the complexity of a lot of competitors sites, but I think that is GREAT. I hate when I have to go through and check off 400 questions to just do a simple search. I think you really nailed it there.
Actress in New York
I have to say it was the best first date I've had from an online dating site. So it seems your ability to draw more upstanding people is working.
Cornell Grad in New York
I have met a girl (on your website). We've been dating for several months now, and I haven't been back on the site. Sparkology really was one of the BEST sites out there!
Attorney from New York
I am happy to let my membership expire - but only because I DID meet my dream man on Sparkology. I've been smitten with mr [redacted] since basically our first date in August. Thanks so much for thinking of this wonderful online dating format. It really worked for me!
Our first Sparkology wedding
Just over a year after we launched, we celebrated our first wedding. Aubree and Adam are the sweetest couple we've ever met and we were honored to be included in their wedding.
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Media Executive from New York
I think one of the best things about Sparkology is the caliber of people they have in the member base. Those who have contacted me all have genuine interests and are intriguing in their own ways. Now I've cancelled my membership because I've been happily dating my bf that i met on Sparkology for the last 2 months. Good job Sparkology Team!
Public Relations Expert from New York
Sparkology is my first online dating experience ever and I'm loving the site so far. What an inspiring group of men! Nice work.
Medical Professional from New York
I have to admit, for all the reasons you mentioned on your advertisements that I watched on Youtube.com is the exact reason why I have not really considered the online dating phenomenon, not to mention the countless horror stories that my girlfriends who are regulars or even pro's by now at it, have told me. I'm recently single again, and despite the heart break, I know I need to get back out there. But I share the common frustration as many; meeting people, no problem, but connecting with one you'd invest time with is the bigger issue, if not down-right hard! My schedule is demanding and like most, I over-commit myself to many projects and events and although I always go out with an open mind and heart hoping maybe one of these venues or things that I do and attend will allow me to meet like-minded men that I find interesting, I come against a wall. So I'm going to give this a shot and see what happens... For some reason, whether it’s how your marketing it or your vision to keep the good and weed out the bad and the ugly, I feel like this will be a different experience and not like the horror stories of yore...
Venture Capitalist in New York
I'm writing out of the blue to thank you. Laura (CCed) and I met on Sparkology in February, and just had our 6 month anniversary! She's the most amazing woman I've ever met, and we're extremely happy together. We had a conversation a while back about how dating sites are unusual in that they are actively trying to get rid of users. Of course in many cases users are just taking a hiatus. But I think you succeeded in churning us for good, and I'm so grateful for that.
Dental School Student in New York
I met my current boyfriend about four months ago on Sparkology, and we've been going strong since our first date. He messaged me the first day I was active, and we went out within the week. He was actually in my list as soon as I activated my profile, and the first person I messaged with. I guess what is meant to be is meant to be!
Creative Content Producer in New York
You don't know me, but I owe a lot to you! We have been dating for about a year now and things really could not be better. She is the best thing to ever happen to me and I couldn't imagine not having her in my life. I'm so thankful you got her to try sparkokogy when you did. I would have NEVER expected to meet someone online, but I did and now I'm a believer. So thanks Alex..I'm forever in your debt.
Financial Event Planner from New York
Things have been going so well so far! We've been dating for three months and it's been great. For our first date he surprised me and took me ice skating, then to dinner and then to an improv show. Needless to say, it was pretty epic! It's still so early, but I really feel like he is everything that I had no idea that I wanted. Sounds cheesy, but so far, it's true.
Navy Pilot & NYU MBA from New York
I love the whole idea and definitely think you guys are onto something here. I like to describe it to people as 'facebook, back when it was cool.' I will keep on trying to refer more people.
[Asked for anonymity] from New York
I met [J...] on Sparkology and things have been great. We're still together and without meaning to sound too cheesy, very much in love. We met right before the holidays and our first date was a Sunday afternoon beer to chase away the Sunday blues. Since then we've had a great time getting to know each other and we recently took our first vacation together in Palm Beach. I tell all my single girlfriends about the site and have referred many friends.
Another Sparkology wedding
Anjali and Neil hosted their wedding on the coastline of New Rochelle: it was a gorgeous setting for a beautiful couple. (the yellow Sparkology-themed cravat was a nice touch, Neil ;)
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Photo credit: Bia Sampaio
Luxury Beauty Product Marketer from New York
A drink costs at least $10, and the results are almost always negative for them. And for a girl like me I would never even accept a drink from some of these guys at a club, but on Sparkology I'm willing to give them a chance because their msgs are so cute!
Private Equity Investor from New York
I've tried okcupid with mixed results - it seems to me that it's really a numbers game which is exhaustive, and it sets up a weird dynamic when women on the site assume that the men are just spamming everyone. The idea behind Sparkology made sense to me, and so far my experience has been very positive. It's a smaller community (but one that looks like it's growing), and it really does feel like a better way to find people I'd actually want to meet. It's also great that you guys seem to have your hearts in the right place - trying to make connections happen, not sell six-month memberships to make a buck.
Investment Professional from New York
I think Sparkology is a really cool idea and fills a pretty interesting void! I haven't tried other websites just because I tend to do okay in bars and social settings but have a tough time meeting girls with character and personality so this felt like a cool idea to me.
Art Director in New York
Just thought I would suggest to you that you add the option "found someone via sparkology" as a reason for profile deactivation. This is happily the case for me. [reason added!]
Credit Risk Analyst from New York
You have truly taken excellent service to a whole new level. I am really impressed by Sparkology thus far. You have created a really unique and brilliant business model (It's great to see a fellow Penn alum succeed!!) My best guy friend saw info about your website when it first launched and had been bugging me to give it a try. I was really hesitant to try any online dating, but am very happy that I tried it out. I have worked with Laurie for advice, and she is awesome!! Now, I am just enjoying meeting different people and hopefully, I will meet someone soon that "sparks" really fly with. [Editor's note: Laurie Davis is one of our Concierges]
Shoe Designer from New York
I believe in your company and services. Thank you for finding me on Twitter and answering part of my prayers to keep believing that experiencing romantic love is possible in this busy crazy ambitious world.