Sparkology Principles

Updated: October 1, 2016

Dear Sparklers,

We are building Sparkology to create a superior method for high quality singles to meet each other and create shared experiences.

We believe that life is a collection of experiences, and some of the best ones can be achieved only when you are with someone who you truly value. Sparkology promotes transparency and openness by giving individuals the power to express themselves and connect with others, without the constraints of malicious or unsavory business practices that have unfortunately become the standard for the dating industry. Happy members define our success.

Customer Service

Sparkology is built by young professionals for young professionals. After receiving many inquires from more experienced professionals, we decide to extend the site to include both young professionals (under 40) and professionals (40 and older). As a member you will get to decide if you want your profile to be viewed by only young professionals, professionals, or both. We value the relationships we hold with our members and believe that personal service and responsiveness are paramount.

Trust and Transparency

We believe a good relationship with customers must be grounded in trust, which can only evolve out of transparent business practices.


Our members constitute professionals who are serious about dating. While our goal is for every member to be proud of his/her affiliation with Sparkology, we recognize the need to protect every member's privacy.

Embracing Dating

Being single and dating is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, meeting new people and forging new relationship enriches your life. We dislike how social norms point to bars and similar establishments as meeting grounds, when such places are less efficient than a like-minded community of professionals.

Ownership of Information

Every person owns his or her own life, and should thus have the ability to remove their profile information from a website. However, Sparkology cannot control content posted publicly or voluntarily shared with other parties.


Unless specifically warranted to do so, websites should not sell personal contact information or profiles to other websites.

Sparkology may analyze and utilize user-generated content to optimize our service for members, provide aggregated insights to our user community, and elevate value to partners. However, Sparkology will not share personal user data with outside vendors. We will never sell your contact information, photos, or profiles to other services. Your trust is our business.


Customers should have the right to interact and engage with each other in a positive environment. We ask our members to help us identify and remove individuals who pollute our community with hateful or distasteful content.

We will continue to evolve and append our principles in response to feedback from users like you. If you have suggestions, please send an email to