Sparkology’s Team

Sparkology was formed by a group of young professionals who were disenchanted by the existing matchmaking options. We have lived the bar and club scene. We have also made the rounds through the generic, big-box online dating platforms as well as the supposedly elite and exclusive sites. Unfortunately, it was immediately apparent that the same issues at the clubs had permeated to online platforms. We believe that our customers deserve more than dead accounts, fake profiles, impersonal messages, and subpar candidates. In contrast, Sparkology brings the city’s trendiest, hottest, most creative, and most ambitious singles together in one, fun place. We also believe that existing platforms have devolved courtship into one-night hookups and want to provide a site dedicated to creating lasting relationships.

We believe in the modern lady and gentleman. Life is a collection of experiences... experiences that become more meaningful and fulfilling when shared with someone incredible.

Cameron Amigo – Owner / President

Cameron is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Long Island. After graduation Cameron worked full-time while earning his MBA and eventually landing in Norwalk, CT as a Ship Broker. Additionally, Cameron is an Army Veteran who served in Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Cameron’s path to Sparkology started after he launched Laugh Staff Inc. Laugh Staff is the first wedding speech and content writing company to exclusively use comedians as writers. Laugh Staff extended its services and branched out into writing dating profiles; that’s when he partnered up with Sparkology. In the summer of 2016, Cameron officially took the reigns of Sparkology under the tutelage of Alex before taking complete control of Sparkology in the fall.

Cameron is married to the love of his life, Brooke. Brooke is the reason Cameron is so passionate about Sparkology because he wants everyone to experience the love and happiness that they have together. To see Cameron’s proposal to Brooke click here

Alex Furmansky – First Spark

Alex is Sparkology’s creator and company visionary, Alex lived, breathed, and (much to the demise of his personal life) slept Sparkology. With two degrees from UPenn, investment banking at UBS and Evercore Partners, and business development for OpenPeak under his belt, he was perfect man to launch and get Sparkology to where it is today. Alex has moved on from Sparkology full-time, but still helps the current team by providing invaluable direction and insight.

Neal Duncan - Company Operations Officer

Neal is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, where he met Cameron. Attending the same classes and sharing a mutual love for sports Cameron and Neal instantly became friends. To quote Neal, "I knew being friends with Cameron was a good idea, because not only was he one of the funniest people I've met, he was a great study partner, and I knew Cameron was going to be successful after graduating." Neal also said he always tries to surround himself with ambitious and business driven people which he believes is essential to anyone who is trying to be successful themselves.

Since graduating Neal has worked in the oil industry. He also holds a real estate license in Texas which has benefited his many real estate projects around the country. Cameron and Neal share ownership of Laugh Staff, and when Cameron came to him with Sparkology, he was immediately on board. Neal's best attribute is working with and helping people, and that is exactly what he knows he will accomplish with Sparkology.

Andrey Gorbunov - Web Development Guru

Andrey spends all his time building out Sparkology and expanding our features in response to customer feedback... he hasn’t seen the sun in a while. But, don’t worry; we have him on a regular diet of pizza and Red Bull.

Gaby Azulay - Community Manager

Gaby is our "behind the (web) scenes" manager who not only answers your customer service needs, but works hard to make Sparkology the best it can be. She currently holds a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University and hopes to share her knowledge with our members through her writing on our site blog. While outgoing and passionate are words often used to describe her, she thoroughly enjoys a quiet day on the beach with a good book in hand. Please feel free to contact her with any suggestions/ideas on how to better your experience as she thrives on helping you to find that SPARKS you are looking for!

Dating Concierges: Dana and Sean

Each of our concierges brings experience and professionalism to our community. Biographies of each concierge team member may be found on the Concierge page after logging in.