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How Many Drinks Are Too Many On A First Date?

Nobody wants to be embarrassed on the first date. First impressions are definitely important and getting too turnt on a date can definitely ruin any chance at a second date. So, how many drinks are too much on the first date? Honestly, there are a number of variables that come into play when considering whenContinue Reading “How Many Drinks Are Too Many On A First Date?”

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What to Wear on Your Next Date

Do you have a date coming up and are one of those my-closet-is-full-of-clothes-but-I-have-nothing-to-wear people? Relax and follow these tips to create a gorgeous outfit. What’s Your Goal? Dress depending on what you want out of it. Men are simple beings. What physically turned guys on 10,000 years ago still does so today. A girl dressingContinue Reading “What to Wear on Your Next Date”

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JoJo’s Pick of the Week – Brazenhead Books – Nov. 17

Jojo is one of the Sparkology’s white-glove Concierges.  She develops custom date itineraries and handles all logistics so you can focus on your date, not on the planning.  Her services are available to Sparkology members.  She may be reached at Imagine being transcended back to Hemingway’s Paris – lounging in Gertrude Stein’s salon withContinue Reading “JoJo’s Pick of the Week – Brazenhead Books – Nov. 17”

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How to Understand Art

“Don’t paint the thing itself; paint the effect it produces.”  – Howard Hodgkin Recently I wandered through MoMa’s De Kooning exhibit with Emily E. – an incredible writer, a candidate for the Masters of Fine Arts program at Hunter College, and a beautiful Sparkology lady.  As a goal-driven, process-centric optimizer, I never quite understood theContinue Reading “How to Understand Art”

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Tips to Rock a First Date

If you’ve had awkward first dates with people you met online, then this is for you!  We’ve analyzed do’s and don’ts from dozens of respondents and came up with our checklist: Managing Expectations – Try not to send too many messages back and forth online before meeting someone in person.  Every time you interact onlineContinue Reading “Tips to Rock a First Date”