Smooth Gentleman

What To Do On A First Date

Want Your First Date To Be Smooth? Look No Further…

Do you find yourself suffering from severe first date jitters?


..It means you care.

However, do not let your nervousness overwhelm you and ruin the date. If you are a modern day gentleman, you are definitely worth her time; allow your personality to flow. Show her that you are an intellectual man – who knows how to have a good time – along with respecting her boundaries.

If you are a modern day lady, who values her place in society and wants a man in her life who will see her as an equal – don’t be afraid to show it. You should also allow your personality to flow.

No matter which category you fall into, you deserve to be in the company of someone who respect your time, your worth, and what you have to offer the world.

First dates are when you should establish that you aren’t willing to just settle for anyone who comes along….

Sound like a daunting task? Easier said than done?

Trust me, I’m well aware that it takes being in the right frame of mind to show your true personality on the first date. Especially, when you are trying to impress someone and prove you are worth their time.

This is a trap! Don’t allow yourself to fall into it…remember they already agreed to go on a date with you. They are most definitely interested…

What about blind dates?

That’s a story for a later entry…

In the majority of situations; first dates are between individuals who are already interested in one another, they are the chance to reaffirm the mutual attraction and see where things could possibly go.

The most important aspect of a first date is the conversation. Don’t worry so much about impressing your date, coming off as if you’re writing a resume isn’t natural and can come off as arrogant….

My friend, arrogance is the antithesis of Smooth….

Never be arrogant.

Talking about yourself too much, not asking your date questions, playing with your cell phone, not looking your date in the eye – are all ways to come off as arrogant and rude on the first date.

If you want a second date, make sure you avoid doing any of those.

So what should you do?

Ask questions…

Yes, it’s that simple. Asking questions after speaking for a while is the easiest way to keep a conversation moving forward.

If your date says something interesting or brings up a topic you know little about, ask them about it – show them that you are interested in their life and what they have to say.

Also, don’t act like you’re meeting a stranger for the first time. You know something about your date, come prepared with questions and talking points. No matter how small it is, bring up a topic you know where there is common ground between the two of you.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a class you two have together, a mutual friend of yours, where you met for the first time, it can literally be anything at all. These small topics can lead to much broader conversations, helping the conversation go smoothly without painful awkward silences.