Smooth Gentleman

What Does It Mean To Be A Modern Day Gentleman?

Opening doors, paying for meals, being the main source of income…

…Each can be a sign of kindness but are a part of antiquated ideas of what it is to be a gentleman. Sure, opening a car or building door for a woman is nice; yes, even paying for a meal is a kind gesture, even being the main source of income in a relationship is nice (as long as this isn’t something you have an ego about, more on this in a later post)…

Every woman is unique and doesn’t expect the same things – especially, younger women. If you open a door for a millennial woman, yet refuse to give her credit for her intellect, opening the door for her is going to be rather meaningless.

In all honesty, what it meant to be a gentleman in generations past was always a narrow view and how a man should approach and treat a woman. Keep in mind those were times where women were frowned upon for working, taking part in politics, and were even discouraged from seeking higher education.


Because at that time is society a woman’s “role” was seen to be a house maker and she “belonged in the kitchen.”

What real gentleman has that mindset?

That’s why I advocate for the Modern Day Gentleman, as that term actually means something. A Modern Day Gentleman doesn’t have his masculinity challenged by a woman who is successful in business, is intelligent, and is independent.

Does that mean you can never pay for a meal, movie ticket, or anything else? Of course not, just don’t be insulted if she would like to do so. The quality of a date isn’t measured by who ends up paying.

Sparkology wants to work with gentlemen who see women as an equal member of society; men who will respect women and value their individuality.

A Modern Day Gentleman understands when to relax and have fun – we don’t expect gentlemen to be serious 100% of the time, we just expect them to be respectful and be a good representative of men in society.

While you’re using our platform, make sure you ask yourself “What would a Modern Day Gentleman do?” Trust me, ladies are attracted to men who are confident, intellectual, and respect her value as an intellectual being.

Would the Smooth Gentleman ever lead you in the wrong direction?