Smooth Gentleman

How Your Career and Money Impact Dating

Should careers and income play a big role in your decision on who to date? This is one of the most uncomfortable topics in the dating scene, especially among millennials. In order to give effective advice on this topic, it’s important to first identify what Sparkology is looking to accomplish.

We see relationships as an investment of time and emotions. Dating is more than just an opportunity to find the wealthiest individual to hopefully marry, as money will not necessarily make for a long lasting and happy relationship.

While an individual’s career and income should not the only determining factor on whether or not you pursue a relationship with them, that doesn’t mean money isn’t worth considering slightly.

What’s more important than the current income of a potential significant other is their ambition (if they are working to move up in a career path) and their character. At the end of the day are you more interested in dating a bank account or an amazing person?

It’s also important to consider that some of the noblest jobs in society, don’t pay that much. Do social workers, teachers, and other selfless professions deserve to be looked down upon?

That’s definitely something worth thinking about when weighing how much a date’s income should matter to you. Yet, that also brings up another hot button topic in today’s society.

Gentlemen, do you care if a woman makes more money than you?

Don’t bother answering, it’s a rhetorical question – as you know in your heart – it shouldn’t bother you in the slightest. I (Smooth Gentleman) will never be able to wrap my mind around why some men look down on a woman who makes more than them.

….If you’re in a relationship with her….

Doesn’t that benefit you as well?

This is a time where you should put your egos and any archaic ideas in the foreground. If you have the opportunity to date a woman who is successful, has a wonderful personality, and is into you…

You would be an absolute fool to pass that up based on your own insecurities. It doesn’t matter who in the relationship makes the most money, there really isn’t any other way to say it.

At Sparkology we encourage our members to find a partner who makes them happy, encourages them, is faithful, and will continue to stand by their side through the most difficult of times.

If you want true happiness in your relationship, remember to stay Smooth and not over focus on money or who in the relationship is making the most.