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How Many Drinks Are Too Many On A First Date?

Nobody wants to be embarrassed on the first date. First impressions are definitely important and getting too turnt on a date can definitely ruin any chance at a second date. So, how many drinks are too much on the first date?

Honestly, there are a number of variables that come into play when considering when to stop drinking on a first date:

  • The location of the date
  • How well you know your date
  • Your alcohol tolerance

Location. Location. Location.

If you and your date decide to go to a museum, then it’s probably in your best interest to forgo any alcohol before and during that portion of the date. If you have dinner afterward then several drinks are definitely acceptable.

If the date is something more catered towards hiking, skating, or something geared towards a form of exercise – don’t bother drinking.  However, if your date is a beer or wine tasting, it would be a bit weird to not drink. Just don’t drink to the point forgetting your name.

It’s also important to consider how well you know your date, if this isn’t the first time the two of you have hung out – don’t worry as much about getting a little drunk – especially if they have already seen you drunk in the past. While in no case would it be acceptable to get blackout drunk on a date, don’t stress so much that it ruins your night.

If this is your first time hanging out solo with your date, be aware of how much you are drinking. Even if you aren’t to the point of getting drunk, you don’t want to give off a bad impression or make them feel pressured to drink more.

Your alcohol tolerance is also something you have to consider. Be honest with yourself, if you know you start feeling a buzz after several drinks, don’t let yourself get past that point – unless you are familiar with your date and they are comfortable with it.

It’s normal to be nervous about drinking on a first date, but there isn’t any reason to overthink drinking or make it a point of concern. Your date will more than likely give cues and if they don’t order a drink – you don’t have to if it would make you feel awkward.

The main concern is making sure you and your date have a good time and enjoy each other’s company. Always remember to stay safe, stay Smooth, and enjoy your date!