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How Many Dates Should You Go On In A Week?

Is More Than One Okay?

Isn’t the dating life wonderful? That’s why you’re here at Sparkology right? There are few things more exciting than connecting with someone who piques your interest; however, what is the correct course of action if this happens around the same time with more than one person?

Is it cool to go on more than one date in the same week?

We aren’t going to discourage that on our platform, but we will encourage openness and honesty between those who decide to go on a date. If you are planning to keep your options open, let the other party know before the date, and let it slide into a conversation while on the date.

It may not be the easiest conversation to have, but another professional will definitely understand the desire to not rush into anything serious. Some may choose not to mention it at all to their dates, which can be an acceptable course – as long as they refrain from leading either party on that they are exclusively dating.

Honesty is the best policy, especially if you want to save yourself from potential drama and heartache down the road. Yet, you should not feel bad if you schedule more than one date during a week.

Want to know something?

I’ve had more than one date in the same week before, and there weren’t any problems. I ended up having dinner with two separate ladies, both dates went well and I ended up having follow-up dates with both.

I would suggest keeping the limit to having dates with only two people over a short period of time, mainly to make sure you’re giving them enough attention to give a fair and honest assessment. But, there isn’t anything immoral about going on a date with more than two people in a short time frame.

Again, as long as you’re not leading anyone on – feel free to go out on as many dates as you like. Have fun, stay safe, and give each of your dates a fair opportunity to show they are worth your time.