Smooth Gentleman

Gentlemen, Save The Games For PlayStation

This one is directed to the gentlemen. Yes, I know the title may seem a little hostile and unfair – trust me I’m well aware that ladies play games as well – but this is something we really need to talk about.

As a member of the millennial generation, I am often compared to the immature, womanizing, and uncaring guys that pop culture seems to focus on. Unfortunately, you rarely find a suave – intellectual gentleman being presented as desirable…

Until now…

While there aren’t a lot of role models to show young men how to be a modern day gentleman, and that it’s a much better option than being an immature jackass who makes a fool out of himself.

One of the most important aspects of becoming a modern day gentleman is quite simple….

Be upfront and honest with women whom you are romantically involved with. Simple, right? This is especially important when using Sparkology; we are interested in men (and women) who are upfront and honest.

Whatever you are looking for out of someone, do the right thing and be honest. Not everyone is looking for a serious long-term relationship; there are individuals who are looking for casual sex with one person, some are looking to weigh their options, and there are those who enjoy going out and meeting new people.

Be real with women, if you aren’t interested in a committed relationship; say so from the beginning. You will be surprised by the number of women who are also looking for something more casual. At Sparkology, we do not cater to those who are looking to have “side chicks” or want to be a “playa” – we are looking for professional gentlemen who are comfortable and confident enough, to be honest with what they are looking for in a relationship.

This mindset isn’t only for the beginning of a relationship; this applies to every step of the relationship process….

Not happy after a year of dating? Be honest.

No longer interested in dating a girl after a couple of dates? Let her know, don’t wait until you get her in bed…Don’t be that guy.

You think the two of you would make better friends? Tell her.

Doing the right thing isn’t difficult, it just takes a man who is compassionate and cares about the feelings of someone he’s become involved with.

Always keep it 100% real and women will appreciate your honesty, it’s also the Smooth thing to do. When you have a choice to be Smooth or to not be Smooth…

…Always choose to be Smooth.