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Washington D.C.’s Best Online Dating Sites: What Makes a Good Dating Site? (Part II)

Washington D.C.’s Best Online Dating Sites: What Makes a Good Dating Site? (Part II)

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Sparkology has widely been lauded as “the most innovative and honest dating experience out there” and the best “elite” dating site.  As a result, we are frequently asked to discuss what makes a good dating site

Before signing up for any online dating site, we recommend that you consider:

  • What is entailed in registering for the site? Let’s be honest, you join a dating site to meet people — NOT to spend hours completing ridiculously long, tedious, and scientifically disproven compatibility tests.  Many sites utilize compatibility tests despite the fact that they have been repeatedly disproven by scientific studies.  Unfortunately, sites rely on compatibility tests because they tend to be powerful marketing gimmicks.  At Sparkology, we realize that our members’ time is a precious commodity, and we don’t waste it on gimmicky marketing ploys.  We strongly believe that your limited time is best spent actually talking to and meeting real people.
  • Does the site buy and sell profiles? Much like its refund policy, an online dating site’s business practices speak volumes about what you can expect from it.  While nearly all dating sites are run as for-profit businesses that operate to make money, many online dating sites are guided by a questionable moral compass.  According to BetaBeat, “every new dating site faces the same problem: finding souls to mate. Recruiting new customers is expensive…”  As a result, many dating sites take shortcuts and purchase profiles in bulk from other sites.  If real, these profiles are often purchased without the members’ knowledge or actual consent.Additionally, many of these purchased profiles are actually fake (the people don’t exist) and are merely used to inflate membership statistics so that the site appears more attractive to potential customers.Equally disheartening, many dating sites bury clauses in their terms of service, which most members never read, that allow them to sell or trade their members’ profiles with other dating sites.  When Sparkology was in its infancy, we were propositioned by a profile broker and angrily rejected the offer.  Sparkology never has and never will engage in these unethical practices.  We hold ourselves to a higher set of moral principles and value our reputation and members’ trust more than a quick dollar.  We strongly urge you to inquire whether or not any site that you are considering joining engages in these practices
  • Does the site use “ghost” profiles to inflate their membership statistics?  Another unethical strategy that even the biggest names & most mainstream players in the industry utilize to boost their membership statistics and lure in additional paying members is the “ghost” profile… These online dating sites show profiles of “lapsed and non-paying members” for two purposes: 1) There’s a hope that existing paying members will contact these non-paying or expired members and that the “ghosts” will pay again in order to respond; and 2) new potential members will come across these “ghost” profiles, not realizing that the accounts are inactive, and decide to join the site for the purpose of messaging the “ghosts.”To clarify, these sites present the “ghosts” just like their active members, so there’s no way for people to realize that they are being lured in by, or attempting to communicate with, a “ghost” account.  Besides being unethical, this practice results in low response rates to members’ messages, which incentivizes members to play a numbers game, sending out hundreds or even thousands of generic messages with the hopes of getting a response.Sparkology fundamentally disagrees with these tactics that tarnish the entire dating industry’s reputation.  In fact, our dating site was built as an alternative to other unscrupulous sites and our “spark pack” model was created to prevent Sparkology from devolving into a numbers game.

In closing, if you are located in New York or Washington D.C., we would love the opportunity to show you why Sparkology is the best online dating site for professionals.  Throughout 2013, we will also be expanding to other metropolitan areas like Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Sparkology works tirelessly to provide our users with the best possible online dating experience, and we are constantly adding new site features and incorporating user feedback.

Regardless of what dating site you decide to try, we wish you the best of luck with your online dating experiences.  We sincerely hope that you are able to find a site that meets most of the above criteria and adequately satisfies your needs.  Remember, when it comes to love, you shouldn’t have to settle.