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Narrow Your Search for Love to The 10 Best Metros

Skip the Valentine’s Day blues this year and instead, pack your bags and relocate for love. If you’re serious about finding “the one,” consider moving to an area filled with singles, dating attractions, and folks who can afford nights on the town. Rather than wait for the stars to align, proactively get your heart in the right place — literally!

Cupid has his work cut out for him, especially in 10 U.S. metros where more than half of the population consists of single adults. Recent Zillow research revealed Boston as the best place to find love in 2017. Turns out, a whopping 66 percent of Bostonians are single. Plus, the metro crushes its competition by boasting 159 date spots per 10,000 residents, such as bars, parks, and restaurants. No other major metro comes close to offering the plethora of singles or dating options found in Boston.

Beyond the dating pool and local scene, the study also considered individual income and housing expenses. Just as you may want to exclusively date college graduates, you would hope your modern date can foot the bill, at least half of the time. Again, Boston leads the pack with the highest individual median income of adults 18 years and older ($25,000). Richmond, VA (ranked No. 4) and Milwaukee (ranked No. 10) also win in terms of cash flow.

If love is a high priority for you, boldly seek your match in one of these top-ranked romantic metros.

By Tali Wee